Larry Wendel, owner and manager of Wendel Printing in New Orleans, began working in his father's New Orleans printing shop when he was only 10 years old. He began helping by cleaning up, sorting, folding and saddle stitching booklets his father printed for his clients.

Having grown up in the Printing Business in New Orleans, it was not a difficult decision for Larry to follow in his father's foot steps and begin his own Professional Printing Company. In 1967 Wendel Printing as we know it today was born!

Larry's first print shop was located at 525 Magazine St. in New Orleans, started in 1967 as a Letter Press shop. Later moves as Wendel Printing expanded and grew included 919 Magazine St. in 1973, 1700 Franklin Avenue in 1975 and finally his present location at 5700 Haynes Blvd. in New Orleans.

Larry's 48 years of personal printing experience brings a “Wealth of Printing Knowledge” to serve the needs of Wendel Printing's many clients. Wendel Printing has always and will always remain a “Casual and Comfortable Printing Culture” where customers start out as clients and ultimately become "friends!"

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